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inteliGlas: Your virtual building engineer

How it works, and how you benefit

Though our proprietary system employs complex technologies, the process is elegant in its simplicity:

  1. Building systems are protected by cybersecurity industry's top vendors
  2. Wireless/Wired Internet throughout the building
  3. Office building systems and sensors are monitored 24/7
  4. Data is fed to our AI cloud platform and analyzed, providing users predictive analytics
  5. Systems performance info and the ability to control systems remotely is available 24/7 via a “single pane of glass”
  6. Using AI, our system learns your building and increases its efficiency over time

You benefit in numerous ways: 

  1. Savings on utility bills and extended equipment life
  2. Alerts when problems arise (e.g. fire, break-in, and  system failure) or when service/maintenance is required
  3. Additional income from sale of Internet connectivity and other tenant-based solutions
  4. Bottom line: happier tenants, better retention


Smart Building Value Proposition

Secure Anytime, Anywhere Access

inteliGlas is a cloud-based, cybersecured, unified smart building platform on a single-pane-of-glass, designed for owners and management teams to take control and interact with  their properties at anytime, from anywhere.

Easing Building Management, Cutting Costs, Creating New Revenue Streams

Technology agnostic, the inteliGlas platform is designed to ease building systems management for non-building engineers, cut operating costs, create new revenue streams, raise analytical awareness, and amplify property values.

Artificial Intelligence Solution

All managed through the use of rules engines, machine learning, and AI.