our clean air initiative amid covid-19

CleanAir by inteliGlas

InteliGlas Corporation has been working hard during this quarantine period developing real solutions for the future of mid-sized office buildings. 

We are proud to present CleanAir by inteliGlas for office buildings in conjunction with guidelines of The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and filtering standards established by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

"We have developed a proprietary trade secret deployment of in-market filtration and air-treatment solutions, known as atmospheric technology managed by RipleyAI, our AI system on the platform," said Robert Field Granadino, COO of InteliGlas.

"This is an exciting and responsible development for office workers and building owners working together to demand healthy indoor-air in this soon to be post-COVID-19 world. We see CleanAir by inteliGlas as a solution whose time has come, and part of our three-point strategy addressing a  more self-aware office working environment: Wellness, Security, and Data," said Granadino. 

The InteliGlas atmospheric technology includes, but is not limited to, air-ionization managed by InteliGlas' RipleyAI, the InteliGlas synthetic conscious AI delivering unparalleled high-quality indoor air resistant to the spread of viruses - like the Coronaviruses - bacteria, and mold protection in the office workplace. 

Questions about CleanAir by inteliGlas, please contact us at 626-722-8881 or email for a free consultation.

Learn More

Download latest study from the NIH regarding the sanitizing effects of air ionization, here.

More information about filtration rating for office space at the EPA.


Your building, in a single pane of glass.

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