Your building, in a single pane of glass.

Imagine being able to monitor and control all your building systems remotely.

Control tenant environments

Monitor utility consumption

Access elevator function

Track tenant patterns 

Receive system alerts

. . .

All remotely via a web browser!

Smart building solution. Maximize value, minimize cost.

Created for the entire real estate team

Owner, manager, broker and tenant, anytime, anywhere access with 99.999% uptime.


Closing the loop on hackers and ransomware, inteliGlas secures your building’s systems with its 24/7 firewall solution.

Data analytics and reporting

Energy bench-marking at a press of button. Key metrics made simple with cloud-based reporting and file management.

Smart alerts

Customize building system alerts. Take a proactive approach for the health of your building. 

Remote monitoring & control

Extend your reach. Monitor and control your building portfolio from anywhere in the world. 

Autonomous-action with AI

Cut operational costs, increase tenant wellness, optimize building performance through machine learning.

inteliGlas is your Virtual Asset Engineer™