InteliGlas is a next-gen ‘auto-pilot’ for building managers of commercial real estate with a holistic approach.

Target markets are commercial office buildings, medical offices, large schools, and government facilities.

Features & Benefits

RipleyAI Autopilot | Risk Mitigation & Cybersecurity
Health and Wellness | Superior User Interface
Future Proofing | Building Analytics and Reports

Covid-19 Virus Response

InteliGlas Corporation continues working hard for property owners during this difficult period. How do you assure a safe return for tenants and employees to the office?

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, inteliGlas has launched CleanAir by inteliGlas ™ to purge viruses from the indoor air in the office workspace.

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inteliGlas Covid 19

Customer Testimonials

inteliGlas Covid 19

InteliGlas delivers to Ownership the maximum added value that owners and buyers seek.

"InteliGlas is the tool to uncover hidden building risks and huge growth opportunities. A thorough and precise management edge, the inteliGlas building systems dashboard instantly shows what is working and what is broken or operating way too expensively.

Mechanical risks, excess power consumption and cybersecurity become immediately evident and identified. During acquisition, use inteliGlas to isolate the right mix of capital expenses (CAPEX) versus tenant improvement costs and the efficiency of both. Every level of operations and expense has a different rate of return and depreciation basis, both of which make a huge difference at the time of sale, especially with today's historically low cap rates. The bottom line - Invisible adjustments which inteliGlas identifies, bolsters and increases net operating income (NOI), delivering to ownership the maximum added value that owners and buyers seek."

David A. Parker, CEO/President, Chase Partners, Ltd.
Owner and Management of Office Building Real Estate

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