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inteliGlas: Smarter Buildings. Better lives.

inteliGlas is the convergence of its cofounders’ long careers in commercial real estate and environmental software solutions.

inteliGlas is inspired by people, not technology, and focuses on optimizing the goals that matter to all of the building’s stakeholders.

Improving Health & Wellbeing
Improving Sustainability
Preventing & Mitigating Risks
Creating Economic Value

inteliGlas’ Founders

Scott Martin linkedin

R. Scott Martin

Scott Martin leads inteliGlas’ commercial real estate property relations, sales strategies, and fundraising. He is a 34-year veteran of office sales and leasing. Martin has vast experience in commercial real estate
leasing, on both sides of the transaction with a total of over 980 transactions closed in his career. At NAICapital, Martin founded Team Martin bringing office leasing and investment sales together to analyze and assess strategic positioning of real estate deals. Martin's experience in syndication of real estate investments has leveraged his ability to seek cash flow opportunities for clients across the USA. In addition, Martin's association with the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) has provided an ability to facilitate leasing needs around the World.

Martin has successfully closed nearly $2 billion in commercial real estate transactions. What has contributed to his success is a basic understanding of what drives business of all types to the market.

As an SIOR designee, Martin maintains a cutting-edge understanding of all aspects of office space utilization, market segmentation and strategic negotiations that yields repeat clients with a high factor of success. Martin served as SIOR Chairman of the Conference Committee, and is a 30-year White Suit Member of the globally recognized Pasadena Tournament of Roses Association.

Martin earned his BA from the University of Oregon and is a longstanding member of the prestigious Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR).

Elias M Kaczer linkedin

Elias M. Kaczer

Elias Kaczer the design and engineering of inteliGlas’ smart building software, hardware and cloud architecture, as well as its AI technology.

Kaczer has over 25 years experience in software engineering, remote monitoring & control technologies, and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

Kaczer is an elite Silicon Valley chief architect and end-to-end product developer of the user experience. He has designed real-time telemetry system for six of the Top 10 waste management companies in the US, and held leadership roles in software programming and engineering at UCLA's Medical Center, Nestle, SCS Engineers, and Sun Microsystems.

Kaczer led the software development team for environmental engineering at SCS Engineers, and achieved the recognition of "Top of Field" in McGraw Hill’s Engineering News Record for his innovative remote monitoring & control technologies in the environmental and solid waste industry.

Kaczer is an alumnus of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) studying biochemistry and bioinformatics at the David Geffen School of Medicine. He is Ignition Gold Certified in SCADA systems, security, and analytics through Inductive Automation.

inteliGlas and Environment Standards & Health Certificates

inteliGlas helps building owners and stakeholders to significantly improve their performance on environment standards and certifications, such as ESG and the WELL.

The following estimate shows how inteliGlas improves the ESG score for the owner of a 100k sq ft office building.
To see an estimate of how inteliGlas could improve your building’s environmental impact, please visit the Benefits Calculator on the Home page.

inteliGlas ESG Score

Environmental Pillar 35 40 / Social Pillar 25 30 / Governance Pillar 20 30 / 80 100 / ESG Pillar Score Theme Score inteliGlas’ estimated ESG score Score Reason / Solution Climate Change Ecological Footprint Resource Use Pollution Estimated 300 tons of reduction in carbon footprint per building installed. >30% reduction in power consumption, plus gas and water reduced usage. Healthy & Safety Labor Standards Community Impact Customer Responsibility 19 baseline points from Well V2 standards. Efficient use of human capital. Increased air quality at the workplace. Shareholder Rights Anti-Corruption Tax Transparency Risk Management Shareholders to imply perspective & responsibility from institutional investors. Measured results in profiling for insurance industry.
“inteliGlas can improve your ESG and WELL scores”
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