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What is inteliGlas?

inteliGlas fully integrates all building systems, provides sensory-capabilities, and puts all the data into the artificial intelligence system – inteliGlas AI. It is like installing an autopilot. Customers save 30% to 40% on utility costs and inteliGlas brings many other points of value, including access controls, accounting, day porter efficiency, tenant satisfaction, vendor management, and prolonged equipment life. The web-based platform is easy to use and offers landlord, management, broker, and vendors a complete look at the building and files. Also, tenants have a simple-to-use page that provides environment adjustment, air quality, file management, and the ability to add more features.

Owners with the inteliGlas Smart Virtual Asset Engineer solution have a unique distinction and competitive advantage over other properties.

Intelligent lock! Glas in Gaelic means “Lock”. Our platform brings intelligence and secures the building.
The inteliGlas dashboard is cloud-based, so it can be securely reached from anywhere on any internet connection, including from your mobile phone. It centralizes the control for all of the building systems, so managers don’t have to learn a dozen different systems or get certified. Building owner, manager and/or asset manager can delegate certain controls, such as environmental control to tenants, vendor management specifically for device and system assessment. Broker can also team in for specific file management viewing.
The complexity of integration and the simplicity of the inteliGlas dashboard can draw such a statement.
There are many reasons: utility cost savings, prolonged equipment life, mitigated risk and cyber security of building systems, remote monitoring and control, empowering tenants to gain tenant satisfaction, locking your asset into future innovation or clean air bringing health to the workplace. Gain keen insight to the building through virtual eyes without setting foot into the building.
inteliGlas operates on a digital signal and analog pneumatic systems require an upgrade for inteliGlas. There are 3 ways in which to update pneumatic systems and we can share with you the good, better and best approaches.
We are priced at $.045 per square foot per month. We are confident that the tenant empowerment of the platform, healthy and predictable work environment will lead to higher occupancy, retention and rental rates.
The monthly fees help maintain:
• inteliGlas AI – artificial intelligence to automatically optimize operations
• Remote access to inteliGlas Control and Reporting Cloud Dashboard
• Tenant Control Portal – user management controls
• Software Version Updates Included Auto versioning, free sensor replacement
• Future integration to new technologies/platforms, such as accounting
• Continuous data analytics
• Training and Broker Tools
• VPN connectivity, firewall and cyber security
• Unlimited Email and Text notification
• Reporting and Data sorting
The following:

24/7 inteliGlas AI Autonomous-Action Virtual Building Engineer technology, which self learns and heals based upon tenant patterns and inputs for the inteliGlas client portfolio.
Access to inteliGlas Control and Reporting Cloud Dashboard, such as Power benchmarking per the State of California
Tenant Control Portal
Software Version Updates Included
Continuing Innovation of Software Platform Included
Future integration to new technologies/platforms, such as accounting
Continuous data analytics, or custom request
24/7 Cybersecurity Protection of Building Management System
As technologies evolve and sensors are enhanced, inteliGlas is positioned to introduce anything to the platform. Meta-holistic hive learning continuously is developing machine learning for inteliGlas AI. inteliGlas is you last technological purchase.
Yes, inteliGlas warrants all hardware devices installed as part of the smart platform
inteliGlas guarantees and warrants the sensors. If there is a fail, break or battery to be replaced one of the inteliGlas team members will service and make replacement/repair.
The inteliGlas network of integrators are available to consult and manage your project needs to ensure that the inteliGlas service is not disrupted. The integrator as positioned to service the relationship and serve the building owner for ALL service & maintenance activities.
All building analytic companies “read” data, but inteliGlas superpower is the ability to “write”. We are not focused on one point or delivering an operations model. We deliver multiple points of value and provide autonomous action through inteliGlas AI 24/7/365. Triangulating millions of data points quickly taking actions to bring efficiency, savings and health to the work place. We are defining smart.

Savings and Return on Investment

Yes, we offer a package called 10 and 10. 10% down and 10 equal installments within the first 10 months
We estimate the utility cost savings to be 20% of the inteliGlas value. The other 80% are many value points:

Cyber security for the building management systems

Preventive maintenance

Low risk mitigation translating to lower insurance premiums

Efficient deployment of human capital

Tenant Retention tool

Air quality monitoring and reporting

Reporting – utility benchmarking

Automated dynamic scheduling and Occupancy

No more run to fail – Emergency repairs

Increased property value

Irrigation Management

Additional revenue sources

Fault Detection Filtration

Tenant empowerment portal

Leak detection
Yes, we have proven mitigated risk with Hartford and Alliant insurance, both whom have underwritten a policy for the inteliGlas platform in office buildings.
Theoretically yes, but what we are finding clients are keeping engineers to train up inteliGlas AI and to build tenant relations.
Just like a phone or cable service, we will disconnect the inteliGlas service after 60 days of non-payment by the Customer.
We use the previous years KWH usage and after the completion of the inteliGlas install, we compare KWH useage for eighteen (18) months. Performing this study quarterly we are confident that 20% is achieved. If we fall short up to $10,000 cap, we will discount the difference against the monthly subscription fee.

inteliGlas uses a proprietary set of algorithms that cover the following general areas for energy optimization:

Automated Dynamic Scheduling and Occupancy:

inteliGlas manages the primary on/off scheduling of the HVAC and other applicable building systems, as well as, factors occupancy into the equation by the use of zone optimization
Automated Weather Forecasting: inteliGlas AI uses machine-learning in application of statistical modeling to adjust the building for incoming weather
Fault Detection Filtration: inteliGlas AI automatically monitors for restricted filter medium

Yes there are benchmark reports for electrical usage, air quality reports on 5/6 aspects of air, restroom counts, human inputs training for inteliGlas AI and other customizable reports as desired. If we don’t your report please make a suggestion.
CleanAir by inteliGlas™ module delivers unparalleled high quality indoor air. It make air resistant to the spread of bacteria, fungus, mold and viruses – like the coronaviruses. Managed by inteliGlas AI, the art of ionization, air filtering and ongoing monitoring to benchmark qualities brings validation and efficiency.

Installation and Technology

Yes, we can, we typically have an HVAC vendor and a low voltage electrician act as our subcontractors. If you don’t have a preference we can bring in a good local team.
Not only is inteliGlas insured, but so are all their licensed subcontractors and vendors.
We complete one floor in two (2) days, as example 4 floor building is eight (8) business days.
We operate with all existing sensors, but it depends on the sensor type too.
Sensors are used to constantly monitor air quality, occupancy, climate, lighting and other concerns such as flooding, irrigation and more. These sensors provide data on tenant patterns and the various points are used for rules engineers, predictive analytics and our inteliGlas AI. The positioning of the sensors is key to ensuring that each environment is kept in the desired state for each tenant.
There are a few different sensors that inteliGlas uses in the basic configuration. Battery and hardwired sensors are connected to send data to the inteliGlas platform. They are strategically placed and deployed to detect a multitude of measurements, such as temperature, motion, sound, humidity, water leaks, shock, light and air quality.
inteliGlas AI does not replace building management systems. Instead, it takes immediate automated action based upon many data points to adjust the existing building management systems for optimum performance. It is like installing an autopilot for existing building management systems..
No, inteliGlas lies over the existing building management systems (BMS). If the building does not have a BMS inteliGlas will offer a good, better and best approach to best bring intelligence to the building.
Our tenant portal gives convenient access, (which we recommend a single tenant contact per each suite), such as the office manager to control their suite. This portal provides environmental comfort for temperature. These tenant inputs train inteliGlas AI against future calls. Additionally, as a future value point, tenants can be up sold to density mapping, heat mapping, access controls, asset tracking and further air quality monitoring too.
inteliGlas AI is constantly evaluating the data from sensors to tweak the climate, or send any alarms or alerts for rapid response. The easy to use dashboard takes early inputs from management, engineers and tenants to self-learn and build upon rules engines and other predictive algorithms.
By integrating directly into each operational device in the building, the inteliGlas AI system is constantly monitoring each system. When it detects an anomaly, it will report it, and identify which device is creating the anomaly. By pre-diagnosing where the problems might be, the supporting vendors (i.e. HVAC) can arrive with the right equipment in their vehicle for rapid remediation.
The inteliGlas platforms detailed analysis of the performance of all systems and identify those that are not performing as expected - anomaly detection. inteliGlas can pick up unique frequencies, run patterns, and timing. Also, the platform draws from the manufacturer’s specs and calendars future service dates based upon operational time for boiler, elevator, and HVAC systems. inteliGlas can self-check functional health for other devices, such as sump pumps, and irrigation systems.
Yes – Audit and tracking services for any vendor is being developed currently.
inteliGlas tracks occupancy level per floor and keeps restroom counts. Custom setting for restroom counts can be text/email/deploy the day porter when needed to the appropriate restroom. Thus, freeing up time for other task or tenant relations.
Simply untrue and just the opposite. All legitimate industry and academic studies show that artificial intelligence can actually extend the lifespan of equipment by not running-to-fail. In fact, tenant patterns could dictate further micro climatizing and stage the operations into zones, decreasing run times. We are unaware of any reputable study drawing a contradictory conclusion.
Outside quoted amounts, NO additional costs are required. All installation activity is completed by inteliGlas and approved vendors working under inteliGlas. We have used Landlord favored vendors for hardware purposes, but the software configurations are better served via inteliGlas vendor.
No. It is, however, recommended that ductwork be periodically inspected cleaned according to the ANSI/ ASHRAE 180-2018 Standard Practice for Inspection and Maintenance of Commercial Building HVAC Systems, and the NADCA ACR 2013, Assessment, Cleaning, and Restoration, for good cleaning practices
inteliGlas installs a proprietary WiFi network separate from the property’s general WiFi network. The tenants, employees, visitors, and general public will continue to use the existing WiFi network at the building without interruption.
Hard to say what lies in the future with new technologies, but for certain inteliGlas can board any new technology that the future brings; however, we always seek out the best technology available too.

Customer Support

We offer a few solutions to getting you trained in use of the inteliGlas platform. First, is a one on one remote training. Second, are a series of video training session broken down by topic. Third, is our computer bot question and answer solutions.
There is a computer bot question and answer located on the inteliGlas web site. If your answer can cannot be solved and the problem is technical in nature, an email will be necessary for ticketing the problem and one of our technicians will respond.
We do have a technical team, which only respond to background problems, bugs, device malfunction or equipment failure, all of which inteliGlas warrants. This is a ticketing process found on the inteliGlas web site.